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Oct 3, 2019

Windscribe: The Fun VPN, You Need

Alright, so remember the days when most Antivirus companies exploited our fears to make us shell out our money to get the best protection, so that we could watch cat videos in absolute peace of mind? If not, you're probably too young... or, I am getting... old? No, no... you're too young.
Well, anyway, I am sure they still do that and of course there's a lot of truth to it, as well - which was perfect for the antivirus companies. But the most commonly used Desktop OS of today, Windows, is not the Windows of yesteryears. Arguably, OSes are much more resilient and the built-in antivirus is generally sufficient for everyday users.

So what's all the rage today? 

Simply put, a decent VPN should protect your internet activity from ISPs and other prying eyes (No, not from your mom, standing behind you) that want to steal your activity data at the very least, and your personal sensitive data at worst. Many of them would suggest using a VPN all the time, but using a public WiFi, like the one in your cafe, without a VPN is an absolute no no. Just read this article, if you want to know how bad it can get.

There are a lot of VPNs out there, with varying plans. Some VPNs will offer you a free plan, but most of these will either have a paltry data allowance or provide you with extremely slow speeds or even worse, log your activity to show you targeted ads. Paid plans are considered best, if you need a premium service and if you want to avoid the problems stated above. I have been using Windscribe VPN for a few months now after finding them to provide the best balance, no matter what your mileage is. They are a meme loving, technical dissing, myth busting fun VPN.

Fun isn't what I need, tell me what you got...

I hear ya! I am on their free plan, which is quite generous and provides great performance. You get 10GB a month, and an additional 1GB for each friend that you sign up, thanks to their referral scheme. If you stick to using the best server (chosen automatically by the client), you are sure to love what you get. You can download clients for nearly every platform you can think of (okay fine, not Palm OS) and browser extensions too. Their Linux client, which I personally use is only a CLI, but it is very simple to use.

I'm probably going to need a lot more

If you are on the road a lot and rely on public WiFi, it's probably best to get their pro plan, which allows you to connect to all their servers around the world, including specific ones that allow you to stream Netflix. But the best part of their paid plan is their 'Build a plan', which allows you to select a location of your choice for a dollar and unlimited data for another dollar - which is crazy cheap.

Give the free version a try, and then choose to upgrade if you feel it isn't sufficient for you.

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