July 2011 - Teckeela

Jul 29, 2011

Google starts 'Email Intervention', wants your friends to switch to GMail

11:55 0
Google launched what is called as the 'Email Intervention' . The site opens up with the line "Save your friends from outdated ...
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Jul 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy R feature video released

19:35 0
Samsung's recently released smartphone, Galaxy S II was received with some great appreciation in all parts of the world where it i...
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Jul 27, 2011

Microsoft wishes Linux on it's 20th birthday [video]

19:40 0
Oh come on, read the title and got all cynical, haven't you? It's with a good heart that Microsoft has risen above all the pettines...
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Jul 25, 2011

Apple iPad2 advertisement [video]

19:09 0
Apple released a new advertisement today, for the iPad2. Titled- "We'll Always", the ad talks about a few of the routine st...
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Jul 23, 2011

Linux 4 Hope helps people in need, with computers

15:54 1
Garron Haun and Jessica Waters run a recently started non-profit organisation, Linux 4 Hope. Based in Manassas, Virginia, the organisation ...
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7 Google Chrome Extensions to make your web life easier

08:57 0
I use Google Chrome as my browser, and all this while of using it I've come across a lot of extensions. Here's a list of extensions...
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Jul 21, 2011

How to add Google+ widget on your blog/website

16:08 0
Your  Google+  account is now becoming a part of your identity on the Internet. Since there is no "friend request" as there is on...
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Jul 20, 2011

How to create a custom URL for your Google+ account

10:39 2
As a precautionary measure, Google does not allow creating a custom URL for your Google+ account since spammers would use it, if it contain...
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Jul 19, 2011

Google+ iPhone app, now out

17:19 0
Screenshot as seen on iTunes Yea, that's right; the wait is over for all those who wanted to an official Google+ app on their iPhone...
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Jul 18, 2011

Google Takeout now allows you to extract a list of +1s [video]

18:15 0
On June 28th 2011 The Data Liberation Front , the organisation supposedly working on solutions on  how to move your data in and out o...
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Jul 17, 2011

Micromax announces Android based A70

18:38 0
The successor of Micromax's first Android phone is here, the A70 . One look at it and you know it has an undeniable similarity to the HT...
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Chennai and Hyderabad get Google Transit

08:02 0
Google Transit, the feature that lets users of Google Maps extract info on public transport systems was launched for Chennai and Hyderabad o...
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Jul 16, 2011

Blogger to support only modern browsers from August 1st

15:49 0
Google's blogging platform, Blogger announced in it's official blog that starting from next month, it will support only the lates...
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Jul 15, 2011

Google's Slide team to lauch Photovine app soon [video]

11:19 0
It was about a year ago when Google acquired, Slide; the company you probably know, because of the app it developed, Disco ...Google's s...
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Jul 14, 2011

PayPal joins the NFC payment league, uses Android [video]

16:14 0
NFC payment just got one of the biggest players in the game, PayPal. At the MobileBeat 2011 Conference , PayPal demonstrated how it works an...
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Google+ user creates a handy cheat sheet

08:05 0
Not officially released for everyone yet, but we still can't get enough of Google+ , can we? well, atleast I can't. I've never w...
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Jul 13, 2011

How to share Google+ posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

18:22 1
Most users would usually like to have some kind of sync between their accounts in different social networking sites, there are applicat...
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Jul 12, 2011

Google introduces 'What do you love?', gives users a mashup of results [video]

21:12 0
It has been around for about two weeks now, but just a few hours ago, Google officially  introduced it's new product , and yes, it asks ...
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GetJar replies to Apple, says "Steve Jobs isn't our dad"

17:14 0
GetJar, in a blog post has hit back at Apple's cease and desist appeal(which was seen here ) to stop using the term "App Store&quo...
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Jul 11, 2011

Google search results to not show co.cc subdomains anymore

13:48 0
Google, on it's official blog, posted a report yesterday that it has found plenty of malware hosting sites registered with free subdoma...
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Jul 10, 2011

How to view your Facebook and Twitter updates on the Google+ Stream

16:37 0
It must seem a little tiring to visit 3 different websites to check out what your friends are upto or to see what they're sharing. Your ...
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Jul 8, 2011

Google+ creating a different experience for businesses [video]

17:17 0
Google+ , Product Manager Christian Oestlien, in a YouTube video said that, engineers are working to create a different tool set for busine...
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Jul 7, 2011

Intel's low cost laptop to help school children [video]

02:54 0
With the launch of classmate PC , Intel plans on bringing technology to millions of children especially in the developing nations. This la...
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Jul 5, 2011

How to add Facebook friends to Google+

18:17 5
As you'll know, for obvious reasons there is no cooperation between Facebook and Google to invite or import contacts from the former t...
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