February 2011 - Teckeela

Feb 25, 2011

HP's tablet features in Dr.Dre, Eminem's music video

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HP's marketing strategy has started with a bang. The company's latest outcome, the webOS based TouchPad tablet and a smartphone mad...
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Feb 24, 2011

Apple to bring Intel's Thunderbolt I/O

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"The Fastest Connection To Your PC Experience" is the tag line used by Intel, the brand behind Thunderbolt I/0. The thunderbolt...
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Feb 23, 2011

Android is YOU!

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Yes yes...another Android related post. Google recently launched an app, which might probably be an attempt to get Android and the user a li...
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Feb 20, 2011

Linux, That Is Where We Are Going.

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A newbie, A little skeptical, Unsure, A Microsoft loyalist; these could be statuses of people when it comes to Linux. But believe it or not...
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Feb 18, 2011


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Couple of weeks ago Google accused Microsoft of copying search results into the latter's search engine Bing. Google had  solid proof  to...
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Feb 16, 2011

The man under the scanner, Elop speaks out

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Tagged as a "trojan horse" after the marriage of Microsoft and Nokia, Stephen Elop, the man himself has spoken out in an interview...
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Intel announces "Medfield" processor for smartphones

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The first thing I thought when the announcement of the joint development of MeeGo was made was that would Intel develop processors for Smar...
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Feb 12, 2011

RIM extending services to other devices?

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I was doing a bit of searching if RIM does or has any plans of providing it's services in a way that would help other platform users enj...
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Feb 9, 2011

Nokia CEO: Our platform is burning !!

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Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop in his memo to the employees spilled out the problems the  company is facing. He stressed on the competition it...
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Motorola Xoom Commercial

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It was perhaps the show stealer of CES-2011 . Android's Honeycomb was officially launched at an event in California by Google on Feb 2nd...
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Feb 6, 2011

Official Blogger App for Android

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Screenshot of the Blogger App "Start blogging on the go with the official Blogger app!". That is what the page for the Official...
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Feb 5, 2011

Microsoft helps Chrome, says IE9 will support WebM

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IE9 Beta Looks like Microsoft is taking up the job of making the perfect browser very seriously. It doesn't want to make any mistakes...
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