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Aug 13, 2011

Microsoft Touch Mouse reviewed [video]

You may totally be a Windows guy(or a girl), you love what Microsoft does and hate the others cough*Apple*cough. Whatever it is, you have surely been amazed with the multi touch gesture based Magic Mouse introduced by Apple, a couple of years ago.

Cut to the present, Microsoft has done it, and done it pretty well. Enter: Touch Mouse. There has been a touch sensitive mouse by MS before, but this one is specifically designed for Windows 7 and the integration of the mouse drivers with the OS seems pretty clear. Take a look

Mashable reviewed the product and says that, once you have it, it's very easy to get used to the product and the shape of the mouse is just perfect for everyone. Apart from the gestures you saw in the video above, you can also swipe your finger to the right to jump forward in a web page and a swipe to the left lets you move back to the webpage you viewed previously. $67, and it can be yours.

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  1. Awesome technology by Microsoft!
    Even though I'm a total MS Fanboy, I was extremely awed by the Apple Magic Mouse!
    I love how MS beats the shit out of Apple!!