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Jul 5, 2011

How to add Facebook friends to Google+

As you'll know, for obvious reasons there is no cooperation between Facebook and Google to invite or import contacts from the former to the latter's new baby, Google+. But there are a few workarounds through which you can do it, thanks to the Contact Sync feature between Hotmail/Yahoo and Facebook.

Now there are a few ways to do it:

  • Import your FB contacts to Hotmail/Yahoo. Go to Circles in your G+ account and click on "Find and Invite" and then click on Hotmail/Yahoo, Login to your account and then the Contacts should appear

  • Import your FB contacts to Hotmail/Yahoo. Export all the contacts to a CSV file. Go to GMail and import the contacts from the CSV file, and then by default, they should appear in your Google+ account "Find and Invite Section".

You may try out any of these, but the problem I found with the first one is that, with Hotmail, you can import your FB contacts to your Hotmail account, but they won't appear in your Google+ Find and Invite Section. With Yahoo, there are high chances logging in through the Find and Invite section may result in an error.

The method that worked fine for me is the following one. The steps are as follows:
  • Login to your Yahoomail Account, click on Contacts
  • Click on "Import your Contacts from other accounts to Yahoo!" and in the next page select "Facebook". It shall give a pop up, asking for permission to share your contacts with Yahoo, click OK
  • The Importing process will begin and by the end of it, all your contacts will be added to your Yahoo Contact list. Click on Done
  • Now click on "Tools" and select "Export", you will be shown 5 Options, select "Export Now" by the side of "Yahoo! CSV". An Excel File will be saved to your hard disk.
  • Next, Login to your GMail account and click on Contacts, Click on "More Options" and select "Import". A dialog box will appear, Click on Choose File and select the excel file which was saved after the Step 4
  • You can check "Also add these imported contacts to: New Group". Now click on "Import". You will be able to see all your Facebook contacts in your GMail Contacts.
  • Now go to your Google + account and click on circles, click on "Find and invite" and you will be able to add your Facebook friends to your Google+ Circles.
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  1. hotmail import not working for me, doesn't find any facebook contacts

  2. Ya, the hotmail import may not work as I've mentioned. Yahoo import has always worked fine.

  3. Neither work for me! Hotmail brings up my contact list, but doesn't give me any email addresses! Then Yahoo just fails and says 0 out of 0 imported! Any hints?

  4. Didn't worked on twitter :( sho shad