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Jul 21, 2011

How to add Google+ widget on your blog/website

Your Google+ account is now becoming a part of your identity on the Internet. Since there is no "friend request" as there is on facebook, people wouldn't think twice before adding you to their circle if they found you interesting. This would be a great way for blog writers to improve their readership.
Widget+ allows you to create a customized "Add to circles" blog widget which will link to your Google+ profile. You can choose options to display the number of circles you're a part of, and also it can show your readers, your latest posts on Google+. 
Just Enter and click on "Get Widget" and in the "Settings" section, enter your Google+ id, which is a string of digits seen in the URL of your Google+ profile. Check mark "Include update feed" if you want your Google+ updates to appear. You can change other settings like the title and the colors to be used. Once you're done click on "Get code" which will generate your JavaScript. Now place the code in the HTML section of your website; or add a HTML/JavaScript Widget if you're using blogger. If you want a Google+ widget specifically for your WordPress site, then you can follow the steps given here.
You can take a look at the widget at the right sidebar of this blog.

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