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Jul 23, 2011

7 Google Chrome Extensions to make your web life easier

I use Google Chrome as my browser, and all this while of using it I've come across a lot of extensions. Here's a list of extensions, I use that make my everyday internet browsing much simpler.

Google Dictionary:
You're reading an article, you come across a word that you need to look up in the dictionary. What do you do? Hit the new tab button and google it, right? This little extension takes care of that; once installed, just double click the word on the web page and you'll have a pop-up above the word with it's meaning; you can also click the button on the toolbar to type in the word you want to look up. Click here to install this extension.

Silver Bird:
This awesome twitter client is the one you need. Simple looking, yet it's got all the features you'll ever want. It's quick responsiveness makes it irresistible for all you twitter lovers. For the full feature list and to install this extension, click here.

RSS Subscription Extension:
The extension auto detects RSS feeds on the page you're viewing. Once you install this extension, you will see an RSS icon at the end of the address bar. Clicking on it, will allow you to choose your web based feed reader through which you want to access feeds of the site. Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines and My Yahoo are present by default, but you can add any of your preferred RSS readers. Click here to install this extension and you can try it out for this site itself (get the hint??).

When was the last time you had a pen and a paper right next to your computer to make a quick note. Even if you use a notepad file to make a note, you might forget that you ever made a note of something. Enter: Chromepad; whenever you want to scribble something, hit the button on the toolbar and type it down. Click here to install this extension.

Add to Google Bookmarks:

This is for people who use Google Bookmarks. If you have your bookmarks organised into lists, then this is a must have extension. After Installation,  whenever you are viewing a web page that you want to bookmark into one of your lists, simply right click on the page and move your mouse over  "Bookmark" and click on any one of your lists; you'll get a notification if the bookmark is added. Click here to install this extension.

Google Tasks:
If you use Google tasks in your GMail, Google Calendar, iGoogle or in your mobile, you'd want it on your Chrome toolbar too. Allows you to do everything that you do with Tasks on other Google products and automatically syncs with them. Click here to install this extension.

Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension:
Another extension for Google Bookmarks users. This one lets you view, search and organise all your Google Bookmarks in a tree fashion categorized under labels. It doesn't support lists yet, that aside it's a great extension.   Click here to install this extension.

These are a few of many extensions. If you think you use a better alternative or have a favorite of your own, do let us know in the comments below.

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