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Jun 2, 2011

Twitter's new Image Search; all for the iOS 5? [rumor] [video]

Twitter used the D9 conference to launch it's new Image and video search feature on wednesday. Now, when a user searches for a hashtag/keyword, he/she will also be able to see relevant images and videos.

The search feature will be rolled out gradually to users. For those who already have this feature on their twitter accounts will observe that running a search shows a new column added labelled "Top images and Top videos" and clicking on "view all" will take the user to a gallery showing thumbnails of all images and also a slideshow view which will show full sized image along with the associated tweet.

This feature comes a few days after the rumor that Apple's iOS 5 will have a "Send to Twitter" button baked into the OS which will allow iPhone users to quickly post their images to Twitter; that and a whole lot of features are expected to roll out at the WWDC next week. While the iPhone 5 launch looks unlikely, Steve Jobs will launch Apple's cloud services named "iCloud" and give a preview of the future of Mac OS X as well.

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