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Jun 23, 2011

Nokia's first Windows phone 'Sea Ray' [video]

Technet released a video earlier, showing Nokia's CEO at an event where he gives the first glimpses of the Nokia's Windows Phone. Coming to the build of the phone, it has striking similarities to the recently launched Nokia N9.

In the video Elop asks the audience to put down all of their cameras and recording devices because he was going to share with them something "super confidential". So much for the hype eh? I wish he would've done atleast half of it for the MeeGo phone, which seems to be looking parentless at the moment.

Here's the 21 minute video, the first glimpse of the phone is seen at 1:58. Also jump to 14:10 to see Mr. Elop speaking about the company's priorities quite frankly. One quality I've always been impressed with.

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