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Jun 14, 2011

Nexus S, Desire Z and more phones see huge price cut in India

In the span of a week or so, there are 4 worthy smartphones that have seen a huge dip in  prices. First up is the Google Nexus S. Launched in India for about 28K in the month of April in India, now available for 20K at Flipkart. The first Android phone to have NFC and also the first one to get Gingerbread. Nexus devices are also the first to get OS updates. It hosts the competitive 1GHz Hummingbird processor and at that price you're never going to get a better one. It's a little confusing as to why Samsung would do that, considering the launch of it's dual-core  Galaxy S II in India, which has got great reviews so far.

Next in the line is HTC Desire Z. The successor of the very successful HTC Desire, along with a qwerty keyboard. It has a 800MHz processor but is a great performer and is said to have great battery life as well. For all you qwerty keyboard lovers, this phone which was launched in India with a tag of 26K, at 17K today it's worth every penny. Click here to see the deal.

Also the price of HTC Desire has been slashed to just 15K. Here's a comparison of specs of the two HTC phones.

Next is Motorola's super strong bodied Defy, launched in India for 18.5K is now available here for just 15K.

Call it the season of price cuts or whatever, but this is got to be the best time to grab that smartphone you always wanted. Watch this space for updates on more price cuts.

HTC just said on it's Facebook page that the HTC Desire will not be getting the gingerbread update. I guess that more or less explains the price cut.

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