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Jun 10, 2011

Microsoft releases Android app porting package

The very first thing I would do while comparing two platforms is, see the app capabilities on each of them, and for any new platform to excel, it sure needs to make sure that it has apps that are well liked on other popular platforms. After getting great reviews about WP7 since it's Mango update, Microsoft is looking ahead at the next aspect, the apps.

While the app growth for WP7 is steady, it's not enough when you compare it with the Apple's App store and Android Market. Yesterday, MS released a package for Android developers to learn the WP and port their apps to it.

The package consists of:
In the post, MS also promises to support developers with interoperability issues with somebody named the "App guy"; and why should you be doing all this? here's from the post:
"...And although you might have a preferred language, opening your mind to others will bring considerable value to your abilities and your resume." Woah! that was deep.

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