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Jun 6, 2011

Accessing linux partition from Windows [app]

If there was a tech genie asking "wish for an app", then out of my numerous wishes, then I would definitely fit in  one which would help me access my ext partition(the one on which your linux OS is sitting) from Windows. It's a usual thing for me to download stuff or save a doc file in the "Downloads" or "Documents" folders while I'm using Kubuntu and then when I'm using Windows, there's no way to access them without actually booting into Kubuntu.

I came across this post at OMGUbuntu about an app named "Ext2Read" which will kinda solve this wish of mine. This open source app lets you access files from Ext2, ext3 or ext4 partitions and save them in a location of your choice within Windows.

OMGUbuntu lists a few drawbacks of this app, which I feel will be solved in the upcoming versions. Nevertheless, seems like a handy app. To download it for free click here

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