June 2011 - Teckeela

Jun 28, 2011

Google goes social, 'Google Plus' is here

21:59 1
Remember all the speculations few months ago about Google's rumored social product "Google Circle", well it turns out the rum...
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Jun 27, 2011

Fedora 15 Review [video]

15:49 0
Well I might be a little late to post a review. But I came across this video which will take you through the stylish new GNOME 3 desktop env...
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Jun 26, 2011

iPad still far ahead from Android tablets [country wise stats]

08:42 0
According to calculations made by Business Insider , based on the stats by comScore  it's quite clear that iPad is the leading tablet i...
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Jun 25, 2011

Conan O'Brien amuses viewers at the cost of Apple's Final Cut Pro X [video]

07:50 1
The host of a talk show, Conan O'Brien took time to speak about the recently released newer version of Apple's famous video editing ...
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Jun 24, 2011

Moto Xoom is on sale in India [prices]

11:53 0
Both the versions of the Motorola Xoom i.e, the wifi+3G and the wifi only model are now on sale on flipkart. Motorola hasn't officially ...
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Jun 23, 2011

Nokia's first Windows phone 'Sea Ray' [video]

20:20 0
Technet  released a video earlier, showing Nokia's CEO at an event where he gives the first glimpses of the Nokia's Windows Phone....
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Jun 22, 2011

WordPress detects backdoors, resets passwords

10:58 0
WordPress said in a blogpost , that it detected suspicious commits on popular plugins like  AddThis, WPtouch, and W3 Total Cache which conta...
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Jun 21, 2011

Nokia announces MeeGo based N9 [specs and video]

11:58 0
Here we are finally, Nokia just killed all the anticipation, by announcing it's Nokia N9 based on the  MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan. Now, we ...
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Jun 16, 2011

Apple launches "Back to School" campaign

19:15 0
Yes, you heard it. If Microsoft caught your attention a month ago with it's "Buy a PC for a college and get an XBox360 free" ...
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Jun 15, 2011

Google launches Search by voice, Image search [video]

10:17 0
With the announcement at the Inside Search event, Google confirmed two new services Search by voice(which was expected, as Google had said...
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Jun 14, 2011

Nexus S, Desire Z and more phones see huge price cut in India

12:35 0
In the span of a week or so, there are 4 worthy smartphones that have seen a huge dip in  prices. First up is the Google Nexus S . Launched ...
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Jun 11, 2011

Les Paul Doodle to be up on a web page forever

17:18 0
Loved playing the guitar on the 9th of June on the Les paul Google doodle? Well here's some good news; you will be able to continue pla...
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Jun 10, 2011

Microsoft releases Android app porting package

12:48 0
The very first thing I would do while comparing two platforms is, see the app capabilities on each of them, and for any new platform to e...
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Jun 7, 2011

Mac OS X Lion, get ready to fall in love [features] [video]

15:57 1
Here's a confession: The only thing that I was interested in the Apple's WWDC this year was iOS 5. Ok, maybe a bit of the iCloud as...
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Jun 6, 2011

Accessing linux partition from Windows [app]

19:22 1
If there was a tech genie asking "wish for an app", then out of my numerous wishes, then I would definitely fit in  one which wou...
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Jun 3, 2011

Windows 8 Preview [video]

16:16 0
On the 1st of June at the D9 conference, Microsoft took time to show off the UI of the upcoming version of Windows codenamed Windows 8. Cle...
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Jun 2, 2011

Twitter's new Image Search; all for the iOS 5? [rumor] [video]

08:56 0
Twitter used the D9 conference to launch it's new Image and video search feature on wednesday. Now, when a user searches for a hashtag/k...
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