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May 22, 2011

WebP Image format ready to take on JPEG?

Although only supported by Chrome and Opera now, Google's WebP  with added features can be considered as a future format for displaying images on your web browser.
A report in the official Google blog says a feature has been added that allows the browser to display images without having to wait for the whole file to download.

The key pickings from the post:

Google products including Gmail and Picasa Web Albums, have also added support to WebP so you can share, send and receive WebP images. WebP support is coming to AppEngine.

Users that want to manipulate WebP images can now do so using software developed by the community including PixelmatorImageMagick, the WebP format plugin for Photoshop and the Java VP8 decoder.

On Windows, users who want to view WebP images natively, can download the WebP codec. This codec brings WebP support to such software as Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Media Center and Photo Edit.

Clearly the development of the format has taken a flying start. With more browsers adding support to the format, it shouldn't have any problems replacing JPEG and PNG

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