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May 25, 2011

User Survey added to Ubuntu Adverts site [video]

The Ubuntu Adverts site launched in the month of November last year which is focussed on creating ads/commercials for the promotion of Canonical's OS, Ubuntu has a new section added to it's site, Surveys. The survey doesn't really ask questions about the experiences with Ubuntu,  but it's more of radio buttons and check marks asking about why you use the computer, how long have you been using Ubuntu, which other OS you use along with personal information.

Ubuntu Adverts gives a platform for creative Ubuntu fans to contribute in promoting the OS. The site says it's looking for static graphic artists, animators, video editors. If you are one, then you can help by get involved. Even if you do not fall in the aforementioned category, you can still help by donating to the project. Well you see, Advertising pays, but you need to pay for the advertisement as well. Pun intended.

Here are a couple of Ubuntu ads that I like. Enjoy!

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