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Apr 18, 2011

Paul Allen presents, Bill Gates "not so saintly" [video]

Paul Allen, the man best known to be the co-founder of Microsoft is a lot more than just that. He spoke in an interview with the show 60 minutes. The man speaks of his early days with Gates where they had a craving towards programming and how this interest resulted in the operating system for IBM's first personal computer in 1980.

But Paul says Bill's style of working wasn't one which most employees or partners would enjoy. He says, Gates argued for hours and never backed down and used his personal verbal attacks as weapon; everyone else had to be hell bent to prove their point in front of Gates(the video shows a few clips of Gates at work).

Paul was later diagnosed with cancer and Gates plotted that his shares in the company be brought down to zero, that is when he left the company but held on to one-third of the shares of Microsoft.

The video below shows what Paul has spread his wealth on. Apart from his interests, Paul invested in many startups which failed miserably. Also Paul has a long list of companies that he has sued for patents including Apple, Facebook, Google and Yahoo.

To watch the interview Click here

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