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Apr 7, 2011

"Android will never lose openness" :Google

Okay so if you lent your ears to rumors, then you surely heard everyone screaming "Android to lose openness". Google said it wanted to keep the Honeycomb source code as unavailable for now until it's completely ready for the devices it's intended to run on(apart from tablets, phones primarily). So with this people started to ask, "Is Google planning on closing doors?".

But today in a blogpost, Google's, Andy Rubin cleared all rumors and said that the reason it has given for not releasing Honeycomb source code is one hundred percent true. The post read:

"We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” solution. The Android platform has already spurred the development of hundreds of different types of devices – many of which were not originally contemplated when the platform was first created."

"As always, device makers are free to modify Android to customize any range of features for Android devices. Our approach remains unchanged: there are no lock-downs or restrictions against customizing UIs."

"Finally, we continue to be an open source platform and will continue releasing source code when it is ready. As I write this the Android team is still hard at work to bring all the new Honeycomb features to phones. As soon as this work is completed, we’ll publish the code. This temporary delay does not represent a change in strategy. We remain firmly committed to providing Android as an open source platform across many device types."
Android 3.0- Honeycomb
So when can we expect Honeycomb to be open? I'd say around the same time when Android's next version for phones, Ice Cream Sandwich is out(which is going to be the best of Gingerbread and Honeycomb). Mid 2011 must be it.

Happy with what Google had to say?, well then check this out

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