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Mar 20, 2011

Startup Jumio gets funding from Facebook co-founder

Yes, it's the season of startups thanks to the ongoing SXSW at Austin. Group messaging apps for smartphones seems like the theme this year, but the one that has caught my eye is Jumio. Jumio is co-founded by Daniel Mattes who had started Jajah a VoIP company which was sold to Telefonica for $207mn. Jumio seems like a mobile/online payment solution with a solid plan. It's still in the development stages. A reason for it's popularity already is maybe because the advisory board includes people like former Google exec Zain Khan, former Amazon exec Mark Britto and Maarten Linthorst, CEO of CSI Communication Systems. Recently, the co-founder of Facebook, Eduaro Saverin funded Jumio with $6.5mn. He will also be a part of the board of directors. According to CrunchBase, "Jumio simplifies payment. Everyday transactions in a quick, one-click solution for individuals and businesses. Bullet proof security, easy and universal handling. Nothing more, nothing less". The video below is from the Jumio website; has a pretty serious tone. Check it out!

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