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Mar 6, 2011

Backup blues? A synchronizer is what you need

Do a lot of heavy downloading and then back it up on your external drive? After you have downloaded a month worth of stuff and then you finally decide to take a back up, you need to compare your stuff in both the places so that you make sure you don't copy duplicates. For anyone who finds this task a little uphill, here's a perfect solution, FreeFileSync. Simple, Light weight, cross-platform and a huge boon.
You can simply select your target folders in your PC and the external hard drive and then hit the compare button which will show you an overview of the files in both source and target folders.

 and once you've done that, you can hit Synchronize which will take you to the window below where you can choose the preferred option
  • Automatic: Identify and propogate changes on both sides using a database. Deletions and conflicts are detected automatically.
  • Mirror: Mirror backup of left folder; Right folder will be overwritten and exactly match left folder after the sync.
  • Update: Copy new or updated files to right folder.

Click here to download this software.

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