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Mar 10, 2011

Chrome10 is out, IE9 to appear on March 14th

"Speedier, simpler and safer: Chrome’s basics get even better" is what the Google Chrome blog has to say about the freshly baked Chrome 10. Google says that the web apps will now run
faster than ever and to be specific, it says 66% improvement in JavaScript performance. About the basics that Google is talking about, is an add-on to the settings interface. The blog said, "We’ve added a search box that shows you the settings you’re looking for, as you type.", that's a user-friendly move. Another little thing done is "password synchronization", that will allow users to sync their website passwords when they switch computers. Coming to security, Chrome10 has been empowered with sandboxing technology for the flash player. Sandboxing restricts external access to system registries through software components.

Now, why is the war getting hotter? Mozilla looks all set to release Firefox 4, the RC of which was released on monday with WebGL hardware acceleration. Microsoft gave an official confirmation that the long awaited final version of Internet Explorer 9 will show up on March 14th.

To download Chrome10 click here.

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  1. thanks for the info, i just downloaded the previous version i believe which crashed.....hopefully now it is newer one which is working