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Feb 6, 2011

Official Blogger App for Android

Screenshot of the Blogger App
"Start blogging on the go with the official Blogger app!". That is what the page for the Official Blogger application in the Android Market page says. The app was available just a day after the Android event on Feb 2 held in California which was mainly set up for the official launch of Android's tablet version of the OS, Honeycomb. Another important announcement made that day was that of the Android Market website which would enable users to check out screenshots, get updates, download and install the requested app directly on their registered Android device. WordPress had their blogging application for Android and iOS from a very long time, hence it was important that Google had a similar application for their own Blogging Tool. 
The app will allow multiple blogger accounts and support for pretty much everything that the user could do on the web. Apart from the basic things like saving drafts, publishing posts, viewing all the previous posts, users will also be allowed to take pictures from within the application or selecting the previously stored ones. User will also be able to share his/her current location.

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