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Feb 20, 2011

Linux, That Is Where We Are Going.

A newbie, A little skeptical, Unsure, A Microsoft loyalist; these could be statuses of people when it comes to Linux. But believe it or not, that is exactly where we are going. With the major contributors like Dell, IBM and HP, linux is free, open and brilliant. From a commonly used OS on embedded systems and of course the current ruler in the smartphone arena, linux is slowly being accepted in the desktop computer as well. Ubuntu was one of the firsts to be user-friendly linux and hence has been most popular. Dell was one of the first computer maker brands to support Linux by packing it with their products. Google launched it's own linux based Chrome OS, which of course couldn't make it big for several reasons. Sooner or later Google will most probably bring out Android as an OS for the PC i.e, considering a merger of the Android and the Chrome OS projects. If you followed HP's "think beyond" event held last week, you'd know that again Linux took the limelight. The event was primarily set up for the official launch of products running on HP's new baby, linux-based webOS. HP bought Palm (the makers of webOS) in the month of April last year. In the event HP also said that webOS will not be restricted to smartphones and tablets, but it will also be shipped with printers and PCs. They smell like Apple, don't they? The world's largest PC maker is now thinking away from Windows; Microsoft better buckle up.
Most stock exchanges(London and NYC to name a few) and corporate houses are moving to linux, thanks to the undisputable security and reliability the platform offers. On December 2010, Russian PM said that all federal agencies will move to the linux platform by 2012. Another slap in the face of you know who.

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