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Feb 16, 2011

Intel announces "Medfield" processor for smartphones

The first thing I thought when the announcement of the joint development of MeeGo was made was that would Intel develop processors for Smartphones. Intel had mentioned about the Medfield processor way back on December 2008. But couple of days ago at the MWC, Intel has slightly opened up. Showing off an unknown Medfield based phone, Intel's Senior Vice President Anand Chandrasekher spoke quite firmly about how the platform will in fact ship in smartphones and that it will also support Android. Any mentions about their child, MeeGo? Ah! That seems to be like an imaginary monster from Greek mythology. Huge, powerful, backed by Gods, but still imaginary. Adding further on Medfield, Mr. Anand said that "on active power we are the most efficient architecture on the planet". That means excellent battery life. 

Going back, Intel's main reason to develop MeeGo was that Windows7 was not fully compatble with it's Atom processors which was the most common processor used in netbooks. MeeGo was born by merging Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo into one new common project. MeeGo, so far seems to be going nowhere but even though Nokia has showed it's interests in WP7, (which might have been a decision out of desperation) Intel doesn't want to give up on MeeGo as yet; and if you are a developer and you do not want to give up on MeeGo as well, then click here

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