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Jan 31, 2011

Up Above The Android So High

If you are a smartphone maker and you do not produce Android devices then today should be a "not so very happy day" for you. The expected has finally happened. According to the Q4 2010 report  by Canalys, Google's Android has now become the leading smartphone platform leaving behind Nokia's Symbian. The report said that 32.9 million phones were sold in the Q4 when compared to 31million Symbian based devices. HTC and Samsung were among the leading vendors. In Q3, number of Android devices sold were 20.3million. Now that's a huge jump.

As far as the vendors are concerned, In the US, RIM was back to the number one position replacing Apple, while HTC continued it's commanding stay at the 3rd spot.
All this news might have put Microsoft in an uncomfortable situation, but there was something more to add on to that. CEO of the networking solutions company Netgear, Patrick Lo said it was "Game over" for Microsoft in the smartphone business referring to the failure of WP7 to compete with Android. He also took on the head of Apple. Calling him egoistic he said,  "Once Steve Jobs goes away, which is probably not far away, then Apple will have to make a strategic decision on whether to open up the platform.". If this is to be believed, then I'm guessing there maybe quite a few waiting for Jobs to make an exit.
To be frank, CES-2011 was a complete "Android show" and it looks like the Mobile World Congress coming up next month is going to be similar. If Nokia and Intel are going to hint anything about MeeGo there, they better make it huge enough.


  1. Real interesting read. Jobs, incidentlly is on a sick leave of absence however all eyes r on fr the iPad2. Microsoft does hv fire in its engine with its gamesole however looks like it missed the smartphone race. Great stuff, teckeela (n ubercool name :)) :)