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Jan 26, 2011

Motorola Defy in India

To begin with, a friend of mine asked me yesterday, why is there so much of buzz about Android? I'd say, it's not because it is better than it's competitors(maybe it is, that's debatable), but because it is moving ahead much faster than the others. So fast that it's getting difficult for others to come out and play(yea.. MeeGo and WebOS). Anyway, anybody looking for the perfect mid-ranged, Android powered smartphone? Here it is. Motorola Defy is now available in the Indian market and rumored to be around 18K-19K. Currently running on Android 2.1, but it is close to getting a Froyo update. Defy is a dust proof, water resistant smart phone and the display hardware is supposed to be really strong. It comes with MotoBlur, that allows plenty of customization for the user's benefit. Defy boasts of features like the 5mpx camera with LED flash, pinch to zoom, 512 MB of RAM, 2GB of internal memory, extendible upto 32GB with microSD card and supposedly a 800Mhz processor and the screen display of 3.7 inches. For full specs, click here.


Frankly, I'm a fan of HTC, but this smartphone with these specs is smart enough to ask serious questions to the HTC Desire. I'm hoping this phone will force HTC to make a decision of producing mid-ranged phones. Wildfire was a start, but we need to see more and we probably will.

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  1. motorolla has never been user friendly brand...