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Jan 23, 2011

Mobile Number Portability in India

The day is here, when you can finally say "Me and my number are leaving you" to your current mobile operator. Every mobile operator will do it's best to attract new customers and also to keep back the existing ones. The parameters likely to influence switching of operators are mainly, value for money and the quality of service. Smaller operators like Idea and Docomo were among the firsts to start a media campaign, Vodafone joined in later while Airtel is yet to start an aggressive media campaign.

They are calling!
How will it work?
Switching from one network to another (while keeping the same number) is pretty simple: Customers have to send an SMS from their mobile number, SMS PORT <mobile number> to 1900 to get their UPC (unique porting code). Customers now have to follow the normal procedures of buying a new connection and mention their UPC in the application. Within the specified time period, customers will be able to use their new connection while retaining their old number.

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