Nov 17, 2018

DesignEvo Logomaker Black Friday deal

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DesignEvo If you are looking to create a professional grade logo for your blog or product, look no further than DesignEvo . They have a...
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May 28, 2018

5 not so visionary tech quotes from the past

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Some great visionaries have foretold a lot of great things about technological advancements. These are the ones that are not amongst them....
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Jan 27, 2018

XUEZ Coin Updates

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This post is going to be kept constantly updated with the developments of XUEZ Coin. For up-to-the-minute updates, please join the communit...
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Jan 10, 2018

Why Google's Fuchsia might replace Android and Chrome OS

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I have been following stories on Google's experimental Operating System known as Fuchsia, for quite sometime now - and for many of us i...
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Jan 7, 2018

EagleGet Alternative for Linux

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Linux Mint is a great Ubuntu based Linux platform One of the (very few) things I miss about using Windows 10, was this small piece of ...
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Mar 25, 2014

Google's pivot - Chromebook

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It's not uncommon to read online reviews which say, "Company X must be having something in mind..."; "Company Y has the...
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Apr 9, 2012

Indian govt can now spy on you BlackBerry users

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If you're one of the million loyal lovers of the hobbling smartphone, BlackBerry, here's something that might   alarm you. Accordi...
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