Jul 20, 2011

How to create a custom URL for your Google+ account

As a precautionary measure, Google does not allow creating a custom URL for your Google+ account since spammers would use it, if it contained your GMail id. Instead, Google gives you a string of numbers that is used to uniquely id you in the social network(which you can see in the URL of your Google+ profile) Not pretty, is it? Well, there is a solution. The site gplus.to allows you to choose your nickname and if it's not already taken then, voila! you have yourself a short and neat URL to your account, which is of course easy to share; it'll look something like this: gplus.to/anees_m
You just have to copy the string of digits from the URL of your profile page and paste it in the "Your Google+ ID" textbox, then select a nick name(which will appear in the URL) of your choice and you're good to go. For more tips on Google+, click here.

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Ragini said...

Very interesting.

Nancy said...

Wow, thank you, sounds great, I'll try it!

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