Jul 13, 2011

How to share Google+ posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Most users would usually like to have some kind of sync between their accounts in different social networking sites, there are applications for facebook and twitter which allow you to share updates between the two sites. But sadly, for those who are glued to Google's new baby, Google+ do not have an option of sharing posts on other sites(atleast, yet). Enter this Chrome extension: "Extended Share for Google Plus"; once installed it places a "Share on.." button next to the "+1" and "comment" buttons on every post in your Google+ Stream.   

When you click on it, you get more social buttons which allow you to send the posts to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. As simple as that!. Click here to install this Chrome extension. If you want to see your facebook and twitter updates straight into your Google+ account, then check out this post. If you want to add your facebook friends to Google+, then check out this post

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