Apr 4, 2011

HTC closing in on Honeycomb, Pyramid maybe on the cards

Earlier this week, an overview video for the HTC's first tablet, the Flyer was seen, which I thought was brilliant and even the idea of doing such a thing must've been a slap on the faces of those players who would rather go on to make a shiny commercial for their product. The video shows off the unique features that the Flyer offers that makes it NOT just another crab in the bucket.

For now the Flyer will ship without Honeycomb, but recent announcements indicate that Honeycomb is not too far, that will make the Flyer irresistible(atleast among it's Android siblings).

April 12th, HTC is organizing an event at UK which may give us details on the HTC pyramid(since we've reached a considerable amount of leaked pictures). Announcements on Honeycomb tablets may also be a possibility.

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